Quark 10.5 quit importing images

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Mick McArt
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Quark 10.5 quit importing images

Post by Mick McArt » 09 Dec 2014, 13:18

Whenever I try to import or drag a photo into the Quark layout I get the message "Filename contains unsupported characters. Modify the system language or characters in the filename and try again. [338]. I've restarted the computer and nothing seems to work. I'm using Yosemite. Is there anyone that can help? I have to go back to using Quarkxpress 9 for now.

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Re: Quark 10.5 quit importing images

Post by max.peter » 09 Dec 2014, 15:35

Well, is that message true or not? Do you have unsuported characters in your filenames?
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