PDF problems - band across pictures

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PDF problems - band across pictures

Post by becklaxton » 11 Jan 2016, 09:22

When I export to PDF from Quark 9.3.1, my two pictures have both got a paler band across the top - as though they've faded. The first time I output, they were fine. I've tried different versions of the pics, other resolutions, exporting using native transparency, increasing the memory for PDF export... Does anyone have any other ideas? I'd be really grateful. It's only a single page - I've had the issue before where almost every pic in a 48-page magazine did this. Argh! but it seems to be completely random.

Beck Laxton

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Re: PDF problems - band across pictures

Post by MarkyBoy » 29 Mar 2016, 09:29

As you've already guessed, I think this is a transparency issue - do you have any boxes that are overlapping the area in the .qxp? If so, try and move the edges… You could also try making sure the images are all 'at the top' (i.e. bring to front).

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