Problem importing Doc files

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Problem importing Doc files

Post by Jaybc » 02 Mar 2016, 09:59

I'm using Quark 9.5. Whenever I try to import a Doc file either nothing happens or Quark crashes. i have the preference auto insert at end of document ticked.

If I try and copy text from a doc file and insert it in my Quark document it places the text on the pages but it doesn't recognise italics etc.

I have used Quark for a number of years, mainly for creating books, but I always have to search and find italic words afterwards.

I would be most grateful to find an answer to this problem.


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Re: Problem importing Doc files

Post by MarkyBoy » 29 Mar 2016, 09:21

It might be the formatting in the .doc that is the problem rather than Quark.

Do you have any style sheets applied to the text box in Quark? If so try removing them and see what happens, also make sure you have the 'include style sheets' box checked when importing.

You could also try making a copy of the .doc file and deleting a large chunk of it, just to see if it's too large a file?

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