Changing line art from black to color

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Changing line art from black to color

Post by JanetGold » 19 Mar 2016, 18:15

Hi everyone. Editor/occasional page designer/longtime QXP user here; iMac/OS 10.10.3; QXP 10. Haven't designed anything in a while; now getting to know QXP 10's commands after upgrading to Yosemite and having to let QXP 9 go. My problem: I'm designing a children's book in two colors (rush project; keeping costs down) that will contain text plus 96 B&W illustrations (line art). The original illustrations were pencil sketches sent to me in PDF, and there's no time to have a graphics person redo them in 4-color. Our artist is "inking" the pencil sketches, making the lines broader and darker. I'd like to have the images print in the second color just to brighten up the book.

What must I do to change the color of the line art itself (NOT the background)?

(I was fooling around with all the options and accidentally did change one image to the second color, so I know it's possible ... but I have no idea what I did, and I can't replicate it.) I'd prefer not to have the artist do this since the actual second color has not yet been chosen. Also, as you can probably tell, my expertise is in writing and editing, not graphic design.

Please help!

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Re: Changing line art from black to color

Post by max.peter » 20 Mar 2016, 03:24

Select the picture box, then open the Colors palette. In the upper side of this palette there are several small icons, just play with them.
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