Linking locked text boxes to <Next Page> position

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Linking locked text boxes to <Next Page> position

Post by Gryph » 09 Sep 2016, 07:07

How can one link a locked text box within a story text box and have it show the <next page> or <previous page> reference?

The <Next Page> function works as expected until one tries to Lock the inserted text box in position in the text, which is 'not allowed'.

The scenario is; setting chapters for a Book project. I need to fix the position of the inserted text box to establish a reference to a previous page and prevent it being misaligned due to any re-flow on subsequent editing, i.e. "...see page 2" when page 2 is likely to end up as page 342 in the complied BOOK. If it is locked the <next page> function won't work.

Thank you, please reply if you know a work-around for this situation in QXp 10. Has this been addressed in more recent QuarkXPress versions perhaps?

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