Create an Index for a book

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Create an Index for a book

Post by Tangstedt » 09 Dec 2016, 15:17

Hi everyone,

I wrote an instruction book about riding - with many many photos (380 pages). Therefore I devided the book into several chapters (to minimize crashes). That worked fine.

The book is almost ready. Now I need an index with important words to look up and find them in the book.

I realize, there is the plug-in Index. It works fine for a chapter. Lets say I want the word "gallop" to be in the Index (with the correct page number). Index finds every one, if I select the first one (will be put in brackets). But only for this chapter. The programme does not search in ALL chapters at once. It will find every word i have selected, but cannot possibly find every word "Gallop" throughout 13 Chapters...

And of course this word is not the only one I want to appear in the book.

Do you have any Hints?

Thank you for your answer. Hope, you understand my question.

Thank you, Karin

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