QUARKXPRESS 10.5 convert Form into vector graphic

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QUARKXPRESS 10.5 convert Form into vector graphic

Post by nivoa » 12 Nov 2017, 08:09

Hey i no it is unusual but i love creating logos in QuarkXPRess not in a vectorprogram.
Once the buyer decided which logo he want i start rebuilding them in illustrator.
i know i can export text to paths so i didn't need illustrator but what if there i a special form behind the relevant logo is it possible to convert this form to a path as well so when i export my file i have a vector graphic ?
I hope you understand the meaning of this topic
my language is german so i gave my best here in english

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Re: QUARKXPRESS 10.5 convert Form into vector graphic

Post by max.peter » 12 Nov 2017, 10:26

Hello nivoa,

Any project made with QuarkXPress can be saved/exported into more formats.
If you need a logo saved/exported as vector, you can export it as EPS or PDF file.
If you don't want to use Illustrator, there are free alternatives for every major OS, like Inkscape, or a paid, but cheaper software like Afinity Designer.
Every day is a good day to learn something new.

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