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QuarkXPress loses activation after latest Windows 10 update

Posted: 14 Sep 2018, 08:28
by Matthias Guenther (Quark)
Hi all,

We heard from several customers that the newest Windows 10 Update makes QuarkXPress 9 lose its activation, though in the past QuarkXPress 9 ran fine on Windows 10.

As QuarkXPress 9 was never supported on Windows 10, we have no information why this happens or how to prevent that.

Remember, Microsoft typically pushes updates to Windows 10 automatically and silently and it is hard to turn silent automatic updates off.
And Microsoft announced that they will continue to call Windows "Windows 10", though since 2015 they have released updates to Windows 10 that normally would have been called major upgrades.

So when this automatic silent update of Windows 10 happens, without noticing you'll have a new version of Windows 10, and this is probably what causes this to appear as "suddenly fail".

Possible solutions
Only two solutions we can offer: Alternatively, as a third option, you could try rolling back to the latest version of Windows 10, where you saw this still working.


P.S.: This could also happen to older versions of QuarkXPress, like version 8 or 7. Again, we have no info here, as also these versions have never been supported on Windows 10.