Preserving web links when PDFing document

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Preserving web links when PDFing document

Post by jgold723 » 21 Nov 2007, 08:51

When I create a PDF from my Quark document, is there a way to have urls in the document become clickable hot links in the PDF?



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Preserving web links when PDFing document

Post by thing » 21 Nov 2007, 08:57

Assuming the URL is correctly formatted, Mac PDF readers see them as weblinks pretty much automatically.

Otherwise you need to set them up as links using Acrobat (full package). Don't think you can do this directly from Quark. Perhaps someone will correct me if I'm wrong there.

Oh hold up - just checked in the PDF options dialog (when exporting to PDF (file/export layout as PDF) from v6.52) and there's a retain hyperlinks option on one of the tabs. That'll be it I suspect!

The test PDF I created has weblinks - no extra work required.

Seems it works by recognising the www bit. Removing http:// made no difference - the link still worked, but removing www. (from killed the link.

Hope that helps a little! This was all on a Mac, btw.


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Preserving web links when PDFing document

Post by imsoblonde » 19 Jun 2009, 04:43

I apparently have no luck in creating live links from my quark to pdf... I am using OSX - Quark 7.5 - and yes I have the option selected in PDF to enable the links (under options - hyperlinks) - but no go.... any solutions? work arounds? Your thoughts would be appreciated.

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