Quark 4 Vs. Quark 6 / New Macbook

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Quark 4 Vs. Quark 6 / New Macbook

Post by adavis » 21 Jan 2008, 16:14

I am looking to find out if I am able to get a new Macbook and have it be compatible with Quarkxpress versions 4-6 or 7.

Thank you:)

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Quark 4 Vs. Quark 6 / New Macbook

Post by eyoungren » 21 Jan 2008, 16:28

OK, by version.

XPress 4. Will require Classic to run. Officially, Apple ended support for Classic (OS9) when it released Tiger. But that was just support. You could still copy a OS9 System Folder to a Mac and use Classic under Tiger. But, Classic no longer came with OSX, so if you don't have a copy, you will have to find one. All of this however, was for PowerPC Macs, of which a Macbook is not - it's Intel. Soooo., to run XPress under Classic, you will need PearPC or Sheepshaver which will allow you one to run Classic, then allow you to run XPress inside Classic. Now you have a bottleneck of code slowing down the processor. Then add in Rosetta which translates the PowerPC code to something the Intel processor can understand and then yes, you can run XPress 4. Probably at glacial speed however.

XPress 6.x. Will run on an Intel Mac under OSX, but it was not designed for Intel Macs. It was designed for PowerPC macs and it will run under Rosetta. Again. Slow.

XPress 7.x. Initial releases were not universal. But v7.31 is. So it will run natively on a Macbook.

If you are looking to buy, I'd go with XPress 7. You'll be lucky to find a copy of XPress 4 if you don't already have one. XPress 6.x should be easier to find though.

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Quark 4 Vs. Quark 6 / New Macbook

Post by thing » 22 Jan 2008, 05:01

Also worth adding to Erik's excellent advice that new Macs have Leopard installed and no version of Quark below 7.31 will work happily in that OS.

Nor, for that matter, will most other apps - like CS2. Hates Intel Macs, really hates Leopard!

Not even sure sheepshaver etc., will work in Leopard so Classic, if you really wanted it, is probably no longer an option either.

On the plus side the Intel Macs are now both Mac and PC! I use the Mac side for work and the PC side for gaming. Excellent!


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Quark 4 Vs. Quark 6 / New Macbook

Post by Ian_B » 22 Jan 2008, 05:42

Ah the gaming side!

Half Life and Call of Duty 4!

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Quark 4 Vs. Quark 6 / New Macbook

Post by thing » 22 Jan 2008, 07:51

Lord of the Rings online and WWII Online! :D

Jim Oblak
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Quark 4 Vs. Quark 6 / New Macbook

Post by Jim Oblak » 22 Jan 2008, 08:51

I run QuarkXPress 4 via SheepShaver and QuarkXPress runs faster than I recall when it was running on an original Mac of the day.

But seriously, new hardware and new software belong together.

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