Trying to open a a 7.1 file in Quark 4.1

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Trying to open a a 7.1 file in Quark 4.1

Post by NathanARX » 15 Aug 2007, 06:23

I am relatively new Quark and publishing software in general so I apologise in advance for any stupid questions :D

I use Quark 4.1 at work and I am currently waiting for an update to 7.0 to be sorted out. One of my colleagues uses 7.0 and has opened one of my documents made in 4.1. This has now saved the 4.1 document as 7.0 and I can't open it on my computer. I have noticed that Quark 4.1 has the option of saving a document as an older version but 7.0 doesn't. Is there any way she can save it as an older version so I can crry on working on it until until my 7.0 arrives or I can open it as an older version?

I hope this is clear and I look forward to hearing back from you.

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Trying to open a a 7.1 file in Quark 4.1

Post by a.hayton » 15 Aug 2007, 06:28


Unfortunately 7 can only backsave to 6 so you are out of luck.

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Trying to open a a 7.1 file in Quark 4.1

Post by thing » 15 Aug 2007, 06:49

Markzware make a utility that, I think, can re-purpose the v7 file to v4.

However be wary - lots of things can, and probably will, change in the file. Basically it'll almost certainly not end up back in v4 the way you expected or wanted it to.


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