AFP Vs SMB servers

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AFP Vs SMB servers

Post by nhakam » 12 Feb 2006, 21:44

i've had experienced something recently. and from the articles i've seen, some people are having a problem with it. so i want to explain it. maybe my info will be helpfull.

i'm working in a company were we have a PC server and has two kind of sharing. so i can log in to this server either using AFP or SMB .. so i've made some comparitions and here is what i've got.

1- advantages: with this. you can log in and see all the files ready to be opened with all kind of applications for quark or photoshop... etc.. and you can see the icon of the file and when you double click it. it opens with the associated software.

2- disadvantages: the time needed to browse the folder inside the server takes alot. and even to import an image, text file what so ever.. and if you have a folder with more than 400 files in it.. no comments.

1- advantages: very fast opening. works like u are dealing with local hard disk. and doesnt freeze when opening any files in quark and dealing with text file is very fast.

2- disadvantages: doesnt show any details for the file. so the picture's icon looks like some kind of unix command (of course if there is no extension for the file.. for example: picture without " .jpg ") .. so you need to give extensions for all the pictures. just imagine u have a folder with more than 1000 image... no comments again

of course there are reasons for what is happening and am sure you can find the answers in the forum...
however i'm trying to figure out a way to combine the AFP and SMB to make something out of it..
while doing this with my IT guy.. if any of you out there has a solution or advises for this problem. please i'm waiting for you... thank you

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AFP Vs SMB servers

Post by larsen67 » 13 Feb 2006, 04:56

If you are using macs with a windows server you will find that searching is much faster with OS9 than it is with OSX. This is down to the version of AFP both OS9 and services for macintosh on windows are 2.0 while OSX is 3.1 if you want the advantages of AFP but require the speed of SMB then you have 3 options Helios EtherShare, ExtremeZ-IP or Xserve.

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AFP Vs SMB servers

Post by nhakam » 13 Feb 2006, 09:33

well either Helioss or Xserve i doubt the company gonna buy.. but regadring extremeZ-IP i'm doin the trial now. and see how things works.. maybe they'll approve on that out.

thanks alot, mayb this is my only solution. i'll reply soon with results

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AFP Vs SMB servers

Post by eyoungren » 13 Feb 2006, 19:53

Also, keep in mind that with SMB you'll get long filenames. With AFP you are restricted to 31 characters, including the three letter extension, if any.

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AFP Vs SMB servers

Post by a.hayton » 14 Feb 2006, 08:45

I've just done a test between the two and SMB is much faster. As already said, icons etc are gone in SMB but if you copy the files via a Mac from te AFP connected server to the SMB connected server then all the icons stay as they were on AFP.

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