App Studio Factory not creating .ipa files when 'exporting t

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App Studio Factory not creating .ipa files when 'exporting t

Post by SebastianTypom » 07 Jul 2013, 21:33

Hello Mathias, long story no happy end (yet).
As it seems I can compile a new project (elegant kiosk for example) including the AVE App Portal certificate just fine but whenever I try to compile that very same project with an recplaced image file it fails.

I've tried several different formats (like PNG-8 and PNG-24 with and without transparency) but without success.

I guess the images are fine though, they show up in the previews just like they should and the simulator is fine, too. So my next guess is that temporary files/folders being written during the IPA generation process fail, maybe because of one or more folders where I might not have sufficient user rights to write to.

Do you have a list that I might check one by one which folders/locations are involved during the IPA saving?

So in short: Whenever using custom graphics -which work fine in the simulator version- I am unable to create the IPA.


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