Questions about publishing to iPad

If you want to publish to the iPad, iPhone, Android phone, Android tablet, Kindle Fire and as Web App, please use the new HTML5-based App Studio.
Please note that after March 18, 2014, new customers will not be able to create Quark AVE Publishing (Powered by Aquafadas) apps and that Quark will stop supporting Quark AVE Publishing on Sep 18, 2014 for all customers. Therefore we have closed this forum for posting too. Please contact support if you need help.
Matthias Guenther (Quark)
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Questions about publishing to iPad

Post by Matthias Guenther (Quark) » 28 Jul 2011, 00:49

Hi Mat,
thank you very much for the nice words. Enabling you to publish rich iPad designs from the Desktop is our idea.
And yes, we will be promoting this more once we have it available, which is only a few weeks from now.

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Questions about publishing to iPad

Post by JRS » 07 Aug 2011, 15:52

"woodwing is nothing more than a plugin"
WoodWing is much more than a plug-in. It is a full content management and multi-channel publishing solution, with plug-ins and a native client that handles many content management and digital magazine preparation tasks. It also includes multiple versions of highly customizable framework applications for iPad, Android, WebOS, HTML5, and more. The subscription model compares favorably to others IMHO, and the multiple pricing options for issue-based publications also compare favorably at many volume levels. It is also not vaporware, having been in use since before the iPad was released. I see a lot of promise in the Quark tools, as yet unproven, but I don't think you present an accurate picture of the WoodWing solution.

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Questions about publishing to iPad

Post by Mat » 07 Aug 2011, 23:05

OK, let me rephrase what I was trying to convey... Woodwing, from what I know depends upon Adobe InDesign for it to create layouts, so for that reason alone I am calling it a plug-in, I am an individual who designs and lays out 48+ page magazines for small publishers that can't afford to employ a full-time designer to work on their magazine for one week out of every two months... I work out a lot cheaper to outsource to - less than 6,000 per year. So, for smaller publishers, I have been looking for cost effective ways for them to enter the digital publishing arena where I can justify passing on any associated costs. I was given a quote by a woodwing partner (woodwing told me they don't sell it directly to the public), and the quote I got back to publish a magazine six times a year amounted to tens of thousands of pounds each year it was in use!! So your point about it being far more than a simple plugin is very much valid and probably something that the biggest of publishers might use, but for the smaller, niche publishers and one-off brochure designs, Quark undercuts its nearest rival by hundreds of pounds, if not thousands. Quark has it's own publishing suite which is free when you buy Quark9, so it's a far more cost effective solution to purchase, let alone publish with. I guess if you are a big publishing house, then woodwing might be more suited to your requirements, but I have been looking for something to meet my requirements; there are only a few, and Quark's solution is of interest to me because it is sensibly priced. Apologies if I misrepresented woodwing's software, but it's just too expensive for my clients to consider!


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