Answers to frequent questions about App Studio

If you want to publish to the iPad, iPhone, Android phone, Android tablet, Kindle Fire and as Web App, please use the new HTML5-based App Studio.
Please note that after March 18, 2014, new customers will not be able to create Quark AVE Publishing (Powered by Aquafadas) apps and that Quark will stop supporting Quark AVE Publishing on Sep 18, 2014 for all customers. Therefore we have closed this forum for posting too. Please contact support if you need help.
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Answers to frequent questions about App Studio

Post by Matthias Guenther (Quark) » 05 Aug 2011, 08:57

Hi all,
as I am seeing reoccuring questions about App Studio here and in other forums worldwide, I collected the answers to frequently asked questions about App Studio here:
What do I need to use App Studio?
To create issues (= content for iPad apps):
QuarkXPress 9.1
To create apps (= customized viewers for your issues):
App Studio Factory (part of the QuarkXPress 9.1 installation)
How do I build and preview issues/apps created?
To build & preview issues:
To build issues you simply export your layout as AVE (AVE-Doc or AVE-Mag) out of QuarkXPress 9.1.
To preview the issues you can either use a physical iPad with an installed "Issue Previewer" (to preview issues).
Alternatively (and only if you are on Mac OS X Snow Leopard or Lion) you can also use the iOS Simulator to preview issues (again with the "Issue Previewer").
To build & preview apps:
You build an app you will need a Mac with OS X Snow Leopard or OS X Lion installed (Apple's requirements).
You will need to install Xcode (Apple's requirement).
You will need to have an Apple iOS Developer account (Apple's requirement).
Then you can use App Studio Factory (installed by QuarkXPress 9.1) to build you app.
There's no need to program, it all happens in the background (when you use App Studio Factory).
You can preview the app again on an iOS Simulator or on a real iPad.
Can I use App Studio Factory with Leopard (OS X 10.5) or Windows?
No, Apple requires 10.6 or higher to build apps for iOS (iPad).
Of course you can use QuarkXPress 9.1 on Leopard and Windows to create issues (content) for your own apps, you just can't build the app. However you can use the "Issue Previewer" to preview the issue you created on an iPad.
Where do I find the "Issue Previewer"?
For a physical iPad the easiest is to download it from Apple's App Store: ... 10259?mt=8
For the iOS Simulator install the "Issue Previewer for iOS Simulator". You can find that within the App Studio folder in your QuarkXPress 9 folder. Instructions on how to install it are within the documentation.
Do I need an iOS Developer account even if I use Lion (where I can load Xcode for free)?
Yes, to build an app you definitely need an iOS Developer account.

If you have further questions, please ask in the forums. And I will update this list frequently.


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