preparing photos for traditional print

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preparing photos for traditional print

Post by HazelM » 26 Jul 2011, 14:55

One more question (but I think it's a good one!):
Is is better to use the images at full size (ie100%) in Quark so that resolution is not effected (of course if you enlarge resolution decreases, but what is the effect if reducing the size? Does that cause degradation or quality?
Is it better once the document is complete, to go through all the images and adjust size before importing again so they all appear at 100% or is this work unnecessary?

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preparing photos for traditional print

Post by max.peter » 26 Jul 2011, 20:45

- about file formats: XPress works well both with tiff and eps files; if your eps file contain both bitmaps and vectors, they might generate problems in some instances, mainly when transparency is implied. If you don't know well to work with them, maybe it's a good idea to work only with tiffs, for avoiding such problems;
- about color mode of your bitmaps: RGB mode has a bigger color gamut than the CMYK mode; if you let the images to be converted automatically, some unespected results may appear, so it's better to convert them in your photo editing software before inserting in your XPress layout and to check the final color;
- about resolution: 300 dpi is considered a minimum standard for full color offset printing; but this depends on what is the desired final product; for a newspaper, 150 dpi might work fine; you have to talk with your printer, they can give you the necessary specifications.

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preparing photos for traditional print

Post by lewaw » 26 Jul 2011, 21:24

HazelM wrote:
I don't have photoshop! Clearly I need to separate the photos into cmyk before importing into quark but without photoshop I'm hoping there might be another option?

For the Gimp is plugin separate+ (free) which works with icc profiles, and can convert rgb bitmaps to cmyk. Icc profiles helps keep TIL (Total ink limit). Print houses/offices often wants to til has 300 for coated paprers, or 240 in newspapers, or 260-280 for offset, uncoated papers.

Next alternative is program Krita (free too) which works with icc profiles and can convert rgb bitmaps to cmyk without plugin.
And of course Quark can convert rgb to cmyk.



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