Viewing Website on Ipad

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chad eisenhart
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Viewing Website on Ipad

Post by chad eisenhart » 24 Apr 2011, 15:58

I created my website quark 7. And was happy with the output. I was looking to upgrade to quark 9. My main reasons are to add some videos and to add some rotating picture to the sites. However from looking at the forums I am not seeing anyones site that allows the interactive parts of their site to be viewed on an Ipad.
I do not want to alienate any potential customers. Please correct me if I am wrong.
I looked this site had a prior post and the rotating picture in the top right of their home page can not be seen on my ipad.
If this is what happens I assume I can put a static picture there that will show for devices that do not have flash?
I know in Quark 9 I can make an app for my business. Although a cool feature I do not want that to be the only way for Ipad customers to view my site.
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Jyoti Bhatnagar (Quark)
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Viewing Website on Ipad

Post by Jyoti Bhatnagar (Quark) » 25 Apr 2011, 17:28

You must have seen the demo videos for XPress 9. You can import a static image in box while designing layout and then assign any interactivity type to that box. So, the App on iPAD that supports that particulat interactivity type will display Interactivity or if not then static image will be displayed.


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