App Studio for QuarkXpress

If you want to publish to the iPad, iPhone, Android phone, Android tablet, Kindle Fire and as Web App, please use the new HTML5-based App Studio.
Please note that after March 18, 2014, new customers will not be able to create Quark AVE Publishing (Powered by Aquafadas) apps and that Quark will stop supporting Quark AVE Publishing on Sep 18, 2014 for all customers. Therefore we have closed this forum for posting too. Please contact support if you need help.
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App Studio for QuarkXpress

Post by ptosh » 17 Feb 2011, 22:33

Hello Matthias,
will there be a App Studio for QuarkXpress? If yes, what will be the cost? Can I then export Apps for iPad out of QuarkXpress?
We are a medium sized-publisher in Austria and think that this could be the solution for us.


Matthias Guenther (Quark)
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App Studio for QuarkXpress

Post by Matthias Guenther (Quark) » 17 Feb 2011, 23:09

Hi Peter,
as of today there is no App Studio for QuarkXPress available yet, however we are going to release it this year.
If you need a solution immediately, then the iPad Publishing service starting later this month might be the right solution for you. With it you author digital magazines in QuarkXPress 8.5 and then send it to Quark. And you'll back an App with the digital issue.
And I do recommend that you attend this online meeting here: (in German)
International English event can be found here:
American English event here:
French event here:


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