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Bugs Bugs and more Bugs...

Posted: 25 Feb 2014, 06:13
by NMZBureau
Foreword: DesignPad COULD be a killer app. COULD beacause it isn't at this stage. The following is a very harsh message to the developers. Why? Beacause you are THE leading DTP-related company and this APP should be what it was supposed to be: a work tool. These days many renowned software houses enters the iOS market with very limited products that many many times are totally blown away by independent developers. (Adobe is the most obvious example).It seems that this is becoming the rule and I'm a bit frustrated. The ipad is not a toy. Costs money and the software too. Professionals like me uses the tool for what it is, not to play candy crush. Ok. It' S an ipad app. Ok. It's simple. Ok, it's not supposed to be used to overcome the complexities of specialized publishing needs like XPress do.STILL it should work, like any other software.I'm a bit frustrated, since it doesn't and I've payed for it.(Ok, let put it plain and simple: I'm a customer, I've bought a software, you resolve the problems. Coma.)That was the bad part of the thread. Now let me be more peaceful (a bit difficult since I'm a designer that do a lot of work in mobility and I HATE products that doesn't let me do my work flawlessly. But I'll try. I swear.).As I've said design pad is buggy. Really buggy. And buggy in places were the software becomes absolutely unusable.1 - styles: absolutely unstable...... Doesn't save the styles correctly;..... Doesn't update the styles correctly;..... Doesn't display the styles correctly;..... Often mixes the styles at random;..... Often the style name becomes 'null' and is not possible to update the style name anymore;..... In 'null mode' the style cannot be deleted OR..... If in 'null mode' the Style can be deleted often it deletes another random style from the style list;..... The 'modify' function 'sometime' works;...... The rest of the time produces unpredictable results in a previously defined random style.2 - crashes:..... The app itself is unstable and in random occasions. There's not a specific routine or action that causes the crash. It simply happens. It is difficult to work on a project (large or small) like this. And now: DESIGN flaws. These are advices, I'll be kind here.1 - styles and patterns are NOT app-wise but document-related. C'mon guys... If you need to work on a recurring publication or you need to prototype something you NEED a 'styles library'. I'm forced to duplicate documents a lot of times to just have my styles on multiple documents... And are not categorized. The function is here... Why not to make it available on ALL the docs? You did that for the layouts.... 2 - the controls are not so user-friendly as they should be. Specially in the styles (AGAIN!) and pattern menu. C'mon. It could be a great product!!!

Re: Bugs Bugs and more Bugs...

Posted: 26 Sep 2014, 07:24
by darla
We won't be able to support true round-trip for the foreseeable future due to different graphics and layout engines and fontography (MUCH more advanced in XPress). However, we do plan on making a Quark XTension that will export a simplified DesignPad format that can then be opened by DesignPad. It won't be perfect since each has unique capabilities but it should be cool for a lot of basic designs.To do it 100% we'd need to essentially create QuarkXPress for iPad...who knows maybe an iPad of the future will be able to run Mac OS apps!