desktop missing

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desktop missing

Post by omegaman » 07 Jan 2014, 08:53

Frank Abramonte wrote:More then occasionally, in trying to save a file to the desktop I find the desktop choice is missing.Shouldn't there be away of choosing the desktop anytime you save any file?One example I can recall, if I open a file from a folder on my HD, and then try to save it to the desktop, the desktop is not visible.Thanks for your helpBTW/ I"m using Quark 10.

Sounds like its been removed from the Finder Sidebar. You need to (in a Finder Window) locate the Desktop Folder (under your user name) and drag that to the Finder Sidebar.

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desktop missing

Post by lizajohn2014 » 29 Jan 2014, 18:40

sir i have also use at windows 7 how can i install latest version of quark express?

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