Tip: search-replace non-breaking spaces QXP 10.5

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Tip: search-replace non-breaking spaces QXP 10.5

Post by dgeiger » 15 Dec 2014, 01:12

If you need to replace regular space with non-breaking spaces with search-replace (say in scientific document between numerator and unit: 1 mm, 10 µm), insert non-breaking space once in text box [either using command keys, or through Utilities-insert characters-special(non-breaking)], then hightlight-copy those character with the non-breaking space, and past in replace text box. The special attribute of the character does not show in the replace box, but it somehow is there anyway.
[Typing special character, say command-5, into replace box does NOT work for some strange reason. I also tried various versions of \f, \5, \7 in replace box, but those are all for breaking spaces. Quark help special codes list give nothing for any sort of special spaces.]

Now search-replace will replace those regular spaces with the appropriate non-breaking one.

This works with QXP 10.5 on Mac OS10.10 (Yosemite).

If this is an old hat, sorry for doubling down. Did not find this with any googling or searching on this forum.

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Re: Tip: search-replace non-breaking spaces QXP 10.5

Post by Jean-Marie Schwartz » 15 Dec 2014, 04:30

In previous versions, one needed to add a word joiner in the replace field: \j. It'd work with almost anything hence spaces, parenthesis, brackets…
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