Keyboard Maestro (Mac Only)

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Keyboard Maestro (Mac Only)

Post by pjanssen » 30 Nov 2016, 08:10

I created some Applescripts and Macros, which might be useful for others too. So I wanted to share them here. For the macros to work, you'll be needing an inexpensive program called Keyboard Maestro (which can be found here:

The macros consist of:
- Border inside/outside (Toggle document settings of framing of borders)
- Column add
- Column remove
- Create new CMYK Color (color name is created from CMYK values)
- Fill Box proportionally (Scale Image proportionally to fill the entire box, X & Y scale have to be unlocked!)
- Layer Default (Default Layer is selected)
- Original Folder (when the "Save As" window is active, the file gets saved in the original location)
- Runaround (Toggle between runaround on/off)

The macros are attached. There are versions for QuarkXPress 2015 & 2016 and in two different languages: English & German. For different languages some macros need to be altered slightly. There is some basic error capturing, but it's not foolproof.

Be aware that some keyboard shortcuts could be conflicting with other ones on your computer. In that case just change it to an appropriate one.

The Default Layer macro can be altered very easy (for selecting another layer) by changing "Default" in the Applescript into the name of the layer to be selected.
Keyboard Maestro
Keyboard Maestro Macros QuarkXPress
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