Quark 10 prints about 80% of document

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Quark 10 prints about 80% of document

Post by apolonio » 01 Dec 2021, 17:15

Not sure what my coworker did. We use Quark 10 on our imacs. We operate under OS Yosemite. His pages were printing fine earlier in the day. Then he showed me some pages that were incomplete. Basically what happens is if printing in landscape mode, there will be a white block on right side of page. If printing portrait, the white block will be on bottom of page. His pages only use text. The printouts look like the text were chopped off as if there was an invisible line were everything stops. His documents print out fine from other imacs in the department. I checked his print output settings and they look fine. I tried to create new documents and created a color block. Only 80% of color block will show up if I try to print in either portrait or landscape. The pages apparently print fine if creating a pdf. However, the issue is if printing directly off Quark. I have attached an image of the printout and a screenshot of how it looks like on Quark page. You can see that the text block on right is chopped off.
sample printout
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