PDF Export has missing images

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PDF Export has missing images

Post by jimhealey24 » 15 Aug 2010, 14:24

Using 8.1, when I export a file, there are missing images. The text is all there, and the image boxes, with dropshadows, appear, but no images. I went back and tried this with past layouts and they all print fine. Obviously, there is a problem with this particular layout. Quark tech support had me do a thumbnail drag and drop, but that did not address the problem. All the images are TIF's, with some EPS images at various points. I also tried to Append the Layout, but Quark crashed on each attempt. Any suggestions where to start to troubleshoot? Thanks.

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PDF Export has missing images

Post by eyoungren » 15 Aug 2010, 17:46

Your previews may be corrupt. Are you using jpg previews for the missing images?
If you are try resaving with a TIF preview and reimporting. If that doesn't work, try deleting the image box of the problem image, creating a new image box and importing again.

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Re: PDF Export has missing images

Post by myerlee » 07 Sep 2022, 18:44

Good ole Eric, still finding fixes after all these years. One of the few folks that actually has solutions. I used to bug him all the time, haven't needed any help for a while.
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