QX printing problem

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QX printing problem

Post by eyoungren » 07 Apr 2014, 13:01

For those struggling to reinstall the older Xerox driver that are being told that they can't because the installer sees the new driver, here's a thought. Most installers, particularly printer driver installers usually write a receipt. The installer for the older version is probably seeing the reciept that may have been written for the newer version and then not allowing you to install the older version because of that receipt.
I would look here: Macintosh HD>Library>Receipts
See if there is a receipt for the install of the version 3 installer. If there is, delete it and try to reinstall the older version again.

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QX printing problem

Post by dpk120 » 17 Apr 2014, 10:11

I tried contacting Xerox and they keep pushing me to different departments. Do you still have that uninstall script for getting rid of the drivers?

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QX printing problem

Post by Sergio62 » 18 Apr 2014, 01:44

Hello, the new driver works for my [apr 14, 2014 Version: 3.16.0 (1313)]XPress 10.1.01 OSX 10.9.2

Mr. Twang
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QX printing problem

Post by Mr. Twang » 03 May 2014, 14:22

MY original problem magically fixed itself, not sure how. Then I made the mistake of letting Apple upgrade my print driver, and again QX fails to print (driver Xerox 6605DN v3.5.1).But discovered what so far overcomes that issue: push the lighted green wake printer up button. Then my MacBook Pro can see the printer and print to it.Try it. Kind of a hassle, but after a few test prints, it's working for me.

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