Problems printing with new printer on old system

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Problems printing with new printer on old system

Post by ricp77 » 07 Jun 2004, 10:20

Hello all...
If anyone out there can help me, I certainly will appreciate your time and assistance greatly!
I'm in here on behalf of a client and have virtually no experience of Quark or Mac OS's. Here's the problem:
My client is running Mac OS 9.2 and Quark Express 4.2. They won't update due to apparent OS issues between QE 6.0/6.1 and OS X.
They used to print to an HP Deskjet 940 which worked grand for many years but has now packed up. They have since bought a HP Deskjet 5652 which is the updated version of the 940. They are now having problems continous printing through this printer or with a lot of jobs waiting in the queue, and also with pictures that have been cropped but the full image is still being printed. They have contacted HP and downloaded the latest drivers that should work, but don't.
Does anyone know a way around this problem or of any other new printers that are fully compatible with the above setup?
Thanks very much for any help!
Cheers, Ric

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