Printing separations

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Printing separations

Post by Eddy » 03 Jun 2004, 04:18

Using XPress 4.1 and want to make separations of Photoshop files (quadri eps). It's a one page XP file with several illustration boxes. Separations on film with a postscript image setter (scantext).
My question : can I give each illustration a different print settings ?
Output in resolution 3252, screen angles as requested for each printing plate. But : first illustration with a screen frequency 80 l/inch, second illustration 133 l/inch,... So, I want a quadri set films on which each picture has its own screen frequency.

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Printing separations

Post by pixiesmith » 03 Jun 2004, 14:45

Hi Eddy

This can to be done in Photoshop.

Open the image.

Go to file > Print with Preview.

Here you can specify your line screen.

Then when you save the image as Photoshop EPS, you can click on "Include Halftone Screen"

Hope this helps! :!:

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Printing separations

Post by paulairs » 03 Jun 2004, 15:03

Yes this can be done using the method supplied in the previous post, but I would bear in mind that many bureaus will output plates at a global screen angle and everything will be forced to use this setting. It is a way of ensuring consistancy on press and avoid screen clashes whilst printing, but if you want your illustrations with different screening I would let the bureau know so they can adopt a bespoke workflow and output for your job. Hope this helps


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