Distiller watched folder - Quark 8 - Mavericks

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Distiller watched folder - Quark 8 - Mavericks

Post by Micko » 05 Nov 2013, 03:56

I suspect this is probably not Adobe's problem but anyone else getting this?

Just upgraded to Mavericks and now when I try to print to a watched folder from Quark it keeps wanting to save the postscript file onto the desktop rather than directly into the "In" folder of the Distiller watched folder. Got so used to just hitting command/alt/p and then return.

Have recreated the watched folder just in case.

Quark 8 (ok not officially supported for OSX 10.9) but surely this shouldn't affect pointing to a folder.

Preference is set to create postscript for later distilling and use watched folder.

Acrobat/Distiller X 10.1.8.

Am going to post this on Adobe and Apple sites.

Somebody's costing me an extra few keystrokes per job printed !!!


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