A5 leaflet output to A4 PDF

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A5 leaflet output to A4 PDF

Post by vatovey » 28 Feb 2012, 01:27

Looking for a little bit of advice/guidance/help, currently using QuarkXpress 9, and have a document which is an A5 leaflet (A4 sheet folded in half), but for print purposes I need to be able to output the A5 layout in Quark to an A4 formatted PDF document.
Is this possible in Quark ?
Thanks, Vaughn.

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Glenn McDowall
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A5 leaflet output to A4 PDF

Post by Glenn McDowall » 28 Feb 2012, 02:02

Are you asking to scale up the content 141.4% or output page 32-1, 2-31, 30-3, 4-29 etc "printers pairs"? both tasks are easy for a professional printer from an A5 pdf.

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A5 leaflet output to A4 PDF

Post by max.peter » 28 Feb 2012, 02:04

Hi Vaughn,
If you want to scale your layout from A5 to A4 size, you can use the "Scale" palette (Window>Scale). Just select all elements on a page, then insert the new values in the appropiate fields in the Scale palette. Check also the "Layout" checkbox.
If you need fine tuning during scaling the layout, go to the advanced manu of the Scale palette (click on the small square in the upper right zone of the palette and choose the "Scale settings" command) and check the boxes you need.
Before all these, make a copy of your file, just in case something goes wrong.
If this is not what you intent to do, just let me know.
Hope this helps.

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