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PDFs and Fonts Within (Arial-BOLDMT)

Posted: 15 Oct 2007, 13:06
by vanguardid
I see there are a few issues with Quark 6.5 and PDFs. Here is my problem - I would be interested to see what input there is.

We generate most of our proofing through Quark by exporting PDFs. Very quick and easy. I have to create between 30-50 of these a day and I have no desire to make this process longer by writing and then distilling.

We create our signoff sheets on a PC. In particular, the font Arial is used, specifically Arial-BoldMT (that's the way it is listed in the PDF). When I try to import this PDF that has been created on the PC, into my quark file on the MAC, I can frequently tell that Quark has not seen the Arial-BoldMT correctly and there are gaps in words, extra spaces in the lines of text, etc.

We are using Linotype Font Explorer (what a god-send) to manage fonts. I can see int FontEx that arial is turned on... and it specifically is named "Arial-BoldMT". I can open this PDF on the MAC and see that the font is there. Acrobat 8.0 does not give me a font warning etc. However, when I try to export the document from Quark as a PDF, it tells me that the font is missing. The font is a TrueType font... is that a problem?

Any suggestions, solutions?

PDFs and Fonts Within (Arial-BOLDMT)

Posted: 16 Oct 2007, 09:43
by Dave Ebersole (Quark)
Hello David,

Without taking a look at the file, it will be hard to tell what might be happening. If you would be willing to send me the file, send me a private message and I will send you FTP information where you can upload it.

PDFs and Fonts Within (Arial-BOLDMT)

Posted: 22 Oct 2007, 15:54
by vanguardid
ok.. I sent dave ebersole a private message and he hasn't gotten back to me regarding this font issue and his request for sample files... now what do I do?


PDFs and Fonts Within (Arial-BOLDMT)

Posted: 02 Nov 2007, 10:39
by a.hayton

Are the pdf's single pages or many pages in one PDF. If they are the former, you could save them as eps files and import the eps file from quark. You can also do that for multi page pdf's too. Quark has always been troublesome when importing PDF's as images but saving as an eps from Acrobat seems to work ok.