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.eps or .ps files

Posted: 07 Aug 2007, 15:51
by Poppy750
We like to use Distiller. We are PC with QX 7.3 and Acrobat Pro 6.

If you use Distiller, do you use "Save Page as EPS" or do you use Export to PDF with the PS option selected?" We distill to PDFX/1A.

Thank you.

.eps or .ps files

Posted: 08 Aug 2007, 03:13
by thing
I export to .ps.

Saving a single page as an .eps is fine but remember that's all you'll get - one page. Sure you can export every page as an individual .eps using a script, but then you've got to put them all together in Acrobat.

.ps will contain the entire file - all pages. Much easier.


.eps or .ps files

Posted: 08 Aug 2007, 07:16
by a.hayton
We always use the xport to pdf and set it to ps files. Works great everytime.

.eps or .ps files

Posted: 08 Aug 2007, 22:55
by Poppy750
Thanks. We'll start using .ps files.