7.3 PDF built in styles are backwards?

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7.3 PDF built in styles are backwards?

Post by rcantin » 08 Aug 2007, 12:11

Hum, not sure about Quark's fault here, read in other treads its a copyright thing, go figure...


7.3 PDF built in styles are backwards?

Post by Anonymous » 08 Aug 2007, 13:37

[img]../../themes/default/images/icon-quote.gif"> [strong]GWamser:[/strong]Adobe invented PDF.

Sure would have been nice if "everyone else[/img]
It seems whenever quark adds a feature, they try to "make it their own" by using their own naming convention.

This is one instance where they should have stuck with the naming standard that adobe uses.

Hi GWamser,

the PDF export is no Quark technology but licensed from Global Graphics and its product JAWS PDF Creator. Also the wording inside the PDF export dialog box which controls the image compression is taken from that product.
Everybody who takes the time to read the wording of the JPEG options will realize that Adobe talks about quality wheras Global Graphics/Quark talk about compression ratio. So it's no bug, it's simply different.

Of course you're right that many mistakes could be avoided by using the same terminology but as it was already mentioned you oversee that there are clear reasons (i.e. patents) not to do so.

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