Print AND PDF all at the same time...

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Print AND PDF all at the same time...

Post by kaptinkurtz » 04 Jun 2007, 09:21

I have crossposted this in the Printing Forum as well in case I get a different response:

I am looking to rationalise some of my new studio's workflows and they currently work a system of paper proofs which are only PDFd once approved. We are dealing with large volumes of pagination (2000pp per project) and I am looking at ways of reducing the bottlenecks. One idea is to create a PS file at the same time as printing, which would be dropped into a PDF watched folder. Similarly, it may be possible to do this the other way round and have a drop folder for the PDFs which automatically prints them once they are created. Either way, I am looking to perform two tasks with one action and would appreciate any help available. FYI, I am a technical novice and have little or no scripting or programming ability.

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Print AND PDF all at the same time...

Post by a.hayton » 08 Jun 2007, 05:38

I don't have a final answer for you but I would suggest printing from the pdf's so that you know that is what is going to be printed. If you print from the ps file it might end up different from the pdf file.

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