Quark 10 crashes while exporting pdf with a pdf in document

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Quark 10 crashes while exporting pdf with a pdf in document

Post by evabit » 24 Mar 2015, 09:45

The same happens, if you try to print this document.

The Problem occurs on Mac OS X 10.9 and 10.10 (7 and 8 are fine), Quark 10.5, several mac hardware iMac, MacPro etc., installation of Canon Image Runner Advance C7055i with the newest driver-package, released in the end of 2014: CN_IPSA1_A_v1_01D_FD47_v1-2.dmg

It is not the document, that causes the problem. You can easily reproduce the crash with a new document that does not contain anything but a frame with an imported pdf. I tried this with many several pdfs from different origin (even the Quark License PDF, which does not contain anything but typography).

The spooky thing is, that the problem persists on the affected macs, even if you are running the Fiery Software uninstaller (Canon Printer Driver and PPDs) and on top reset the Apple printing system and then install driver software for another printer.
The uninstalling of Quark 10.5 and reinstall does not change the problem. It is not a problem that is related to fonts.
(I made a clean OS X 10.9 install on one affected machine and deactivated all the fonts that are not used by the system - still have the crashes).

Obviously the problem in not located in the user library. A different, new configured user has the same problem.
It must be situated in the Library or the System.

I enclose the relevant excerpt from the crash log (OS X 10.9.5, Clean Install):

Thread 4 Crashed:
0 libQuarkPDF.dylib 0x2d3b7479 dps_getcore + 57
1 libQuarkPDF.dylib 0x2d327f43 rasalloc + 195
2 libQuarkPDF.dylib 0x2d3b7bb7 allocatesharedrasterbuffer + 135
3 libQuarkPDF.dylib 0x2d164d4a xlat_do_open + 12874
4 libQuarkPDF.dylib 0x2d109584 xlat_open + 52
5 libQuarkPDF.dylib 0x2d2e2343 mergedevicedicts + 371
6 libQuarkPDF.dylib 0x2d2de36c setdevicefetch + 2748
7 libQuarkPDF.dylib 0x2d2cc997 intloop + 151
8 libQuarkPDF.dylib 0x2d312b8b dps_timeslice + 507
9 libQuarkPDF.dylib 0x2d31affd postscript_input_th + 61
10 libQuarkPDF.dylib 0x2d000887 postscript_dll_input + 231
11 libQuarkPDF.dylib 0x2d00012c RestartRIP + 236
12 libQuarkPDF.dylib 0x2d006ef9 jaws_main + 825
13 libsystem_pthread.dylib 0x9a7cc5fb _pthread_body + 144
14 libsystem_pthread.dylib 0x9a7cc485 _pthread_start + 130
15 libsystem_pthread.dylib 0x9a7d1cf2 thread_start + 34

You can see from the crash log, that it is Quarks dynamic library for PDF, that crashes.

As I reinstalled Quark 10, it seems to be a process, that is located somewhere with printing issues in the OS X Library.
(Of course I deleted all Quark Files from the Library as well - with no improvement…)

It is no option, to deactivate transparencies, since the company using Quark 10 is publishing Magazines. On every secend page you have advertisements of their customers, that are delivered in pdf-format…

Other picture formats like tiff etc. do not cause the problem, but some eps files (with transparencies) do cause similar problems.
I feel to be back in time, when using Quark 7…..

Does anybody have an idea?

Best Regards

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Re: Quark 10 crashes while exporting pdf with a pdf in docum

Post by billzink » 11 Jun 2015, 14:32

Dear evabit: I recently got a new Mac Pro due to a lease expiring and reloaded Quark and CS6. I am experiencing the exact same problem you have described. I also believe Quark is changing any .ai images in the files to PDF and compounding the problem.

Have you been able to resolve the issue, and if so, please let me know how.


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