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Crashing while Exporting PDF / Reading a Crash Report

Posted: 24 Mar 2016, 12:25
by RobertR
Looking for help reading a crash report. I have a 32page full color magazine that I have published for years with Quark. This particular issue I can't get to generate a PDF file to upload to the printer. Quark is working fine. I could print the document from Quark and everything works…..but when I Export to a PDF it gets all the way through the process (all the pages) and while it is "completing" the job, Quark crashes.

I have tried other (smaller) documents with no problems, everything works… the problem is something broken within this particular document….but how do I tell what it is? I could go start taking ads out one at a time and see if I could come across the one that is problematic…but I am wondering if the information I need is within the Crash Report. Could anyone point me to someplace to get a better understanding of how to read that crash report?

Mac OS 10.8.5 running on a MacPro with 16g ram
Quark 9

Thank you

- Rob

Re: Crashing while Exporting PDF / Reading a Crash Report

Posted: 24 Mar 2016, 16:20
by eyoungren
Hi Rob. Might take longer to look at and decipher the crash report then to just do some old fashing troubleshooting.

Can you export a smaller range of pages? Say Page 1-16 and then 17-32?

I'd start there. That would allow you to find out where the problem page is. I'd narrow it down by fours once you did that. Maybe if it's crashing with pages 17-32 you just try 17-21 and so on until you get it narrowed down to the right page.

Possibly it might even be the final page. What happens if you export Pages 1-31? If you can do that it means page 32 is your problem.

Once you have the page narrowed down then of course it's just a matter of figuring out which item is causing the issue. Seems like you know where to go from that point.

Re: Crashing while Exporting PDF / Reading a Crash Report

Posted: 25 Mar 2016, 05:29
by max.peter
Erik is right, you can try his solution.

You can also try something else: export the layout as PS file instead of PDF, then distill it with Acrobat Distiller. Distiller can show you the page with a certain problem and it can display the nature of the postscript error which stops the PDF generation.