Quark 10 Export to PDF Hangs

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Quark 10 Export to PDF Hangs

Post by niztron » 21 Apr 2016, 20:56

I recently upgraded to Q10 from 8.5 and have been having alot of issues with Exporting to PDF. We have a large product catalogue thats some 390 pages in size, its split into quark sections varying in size from about 6 pages up to 40 pages. From what ive tested, all sections have the same issue.

When exporting to PDF, I have settings based on the "Print - Medium" default setting of quark, with the only difference being im exporting to individual page postscript files. Once the export process begins, the progress bar usually halts within the first minute, and then I will get a beachball. Sometimes if I leave it I can see some .ps files which have exported, but I inevitably have to force quit or it will sit there for hours if I don't. The odd thing is, I can force quit, re-open and try it again and it will hang at a completely different point in the document. It seems quite random. Sometimes ive been able to output 20 pages without it hanging, then I'll go back into the same file and try the same 20 pages again, and it hangs on the first one. I've even re-created the entire document in a brand new Q10 file, only for it to do the same random behaviour on export.

This is causing considerable frustration and lost productivity and my searches for information to solve this issue have proven futile. Any help would be very much appreciated. :)

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