What's happened to Applescript support in Quark 10??

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What's happened to Applescript support in Quark 10??

Post by ubba » 10 May 2014, 08:09

Hi,Quark 10 the worst version I've ever seen... it's slow, it's continuously crashing...yesterday I cleaned 169 GB of images cache... what's that??
Well, starting from the point of view I don't left yet for inDesignjust due to an applescript app we use for our catalogs which is based on QXP.
Seen that I'm developing and making this app better since 6 yearsI'm not happy to think to start again all in inDesign...
but if also the applescript support become like the rest of QXP 10...
for operations that QXP 8.5, applescript driven, ends in 20 secondsQXP 10 needs 1 minute and 30 secs...
multiply this time for more than 100 items / catalog and then for 14 catalogs and then let me know if it's different or not.
Furthermore there several things that doesn't work anymore as aspected...
how it's possible that "uniqueID" stops to work and the relaunching QXP it starts to work again?
Try to retrieve text by the character style applied to it... if you'll be able to do it, pls let me know how you did.To be clear, I get a char style name, but it's not the one applied to the text
These are some things that in Quark 8.5 are working like a charm.
Are those know issues?What are your plans?
Thx so much in advance.

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Sarbjit Singh
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What's happened to Applescript support in Quark 10??

Post by Sarbjit Singh » 11 May 2014, 19:59

Could you please send us the apple script that you are using?We would like to know which part of the script it slower than earlier.Also, what stops working while reading "uniqueID"? What code are you using to read the character style from text?You may use the Contact button on the top-right to send me a direct message.Please post the OS details as well.

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