Applescript wont compile and code changes

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Applescript wont compile and code changes

Post by ssavarese » 10 Sep 2014, 10:48

I developed a script for quark 9 that works fine on my test mac.

When I deploy it, the script fails. What is odd, is that when I open the script in Applescript Editor on the destination mac, the sytax gets changed automatically and it will no longer compile.

for example,
if layer lName is visible then
gets changed to
if «class LYER» lName is visible then
set pageList to index of every page
gets changed to
set pageList to index of every «class page»

there are numerous changes like this and the script fails to run/compile.

I have searched the forums, and I believe it is related to a previous version of quark having been installed on the macs. I made sure to uninstall quark 8 and restart.
I created a new script in AppleScript Editor that simply read
tell application "QuarkXPress"
end tell
When doing this, it asked me to browse to find the application, which I did. That little script runs fine, but my other script still comes over with the changes and wont compile. I have tried to open the dictionary, to perhaps nudge it, but no luck.

i attempted to copy the script to a mac with a clean OS and clean install of Quark 9. It runs fine there.

Can anyone assist? I need to deploy this script so it functions properly.

Thank you


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Re: Applescript wont compile and code changes

Post by ssavarese » 11 Sep 2014, 09:31

I discovered the problem.

The macs had a trimmed down XTension folder. It turns out these Xtensions are required for the scripting to work:

EAText UI.xnt

I don't know why they are required, but with them loaded the script works fine. With them removed the script crashes and Applescript Editor doesnt get the proper dictionary items from Quark.

I do know the reason they were removed was to avoid the asian character message when printing. I can live with it to get hte script functioning.

Next question.. Can anyone tell me what those Xtensions do? I've been looking all over for an description of the pre-installed Xtensions but I cant find any.

Thank you again


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