Plain style font not showing up in quark

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Re: Plain style font not showing up in quark

Post by omegaman » 24 Jul 2014, 19:32

I still get this occasionally with 9 and 10, sometimes the missing fonts will show as the Greek Omega Symbol! This especially happens will older Type 1 fonts more than a decade old. I use FontExplorer to clean out the Application and System Caches and restart. If that does not work I delete all the fonts in FontExplorer and reload them from the original CD's.

Sometimes converting the font to a True Type or Open Type format solves the issue for good. I use FontXChange for that and FontDoctor to scan the fonts before loading them into Xplorer.

Unless it came as multiple formats, the best practice is to stick with the original format of the font though.

Don't forget to try deleting the Quark Preferences folder first.
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Re: Plain style font not showing up in quark

Post by shaun » 31 Jul 2014, 14:34

I've had this problem with Century Gothic - in Font Book the italic, bold and bold italic are switched on, and the plain font off. Switching it on only lasts until you close your Quark file.
They're TrueType fonts; so I used FontExchange to change them to otf fonts, deleted the TT ones and installed the otf versions. Since when, no problems.

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