trouble printing Bitmap font or exporting to PDF

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trouble printing Bitmap font or exporting to PDF

Post by rickpoet » 31 Aug 2005, 04:49


I have an old Hebrew font called Jerusalem which works perfectly in OS 9 (Quark V5)...I can see it on screen, and print it.

But in OS X, although I can see it on screen (type with it, change size, etc) it won't print or export to a PDF.

I have a huge file I've worked with for years that is loaded with this font and there is no substitute font which has the same layout of Hebrew characters, vowels it's either weeks of work retyping all of this stuff in Hebrew in a TT font, or finding a way for this Bitmap font to work.

Does anyone know how to convert this font to a TT font or have any other method of fixing this problem in OSX.

Here's the font if anyone needs it to help answer:

Thanks in advance for any help anyone can offer in making this font printable or PDF-able in OSX.


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