Font display problems

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Font display problems

Post by amaccabe » 11 Jan 2013, 00:44

I've been having trouble with this for about two weeks.
I have a few files where the font isn't being displayed in Quark. I don't get a missing font dialogue box, and if I change the font to one of the standard Windows fonts it displays, however most (if not all, I haven't checked every last one) OpenType fonts are invisible.
I can highlight the text as normal, and when I PDF the font displays properly in the PDF. I just can't see it in Quark. If I print straight from Quark the text is invisible, just like on screen.
It seems to only happen to text that is on top of a box that has a shade, if that makes sense.
I've tried deleting my Quark preferences folder, I've restarted a hundred times and that hasn't made a difference.
I have a feeling I might have to get IT to reinstall fonts... just thought I'd check on here if there was something I could do quickly before going down that road.
I'm using QuarkXPress for Windows, version 7.5 on Windows XP version 5.1.
Thanks for your help.

Ted Kostandin
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Font display problems

Post by Ted Kostandin » 09 Jun 2014, 03:29

Hi, did you ever solve this problem?

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