Where did the size "other" go in Quark 10?

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Where did the size "other" go in Quark 10?

Post by BruceHarris » 02 Nov 2014, 09:24

HI all,

Seem to have a problem with sizing fonts in QuarkXpress 10-0 thru 10.2

Where did the size "other" go?


Can't even use the keyboard:
Increase 1 pt: Command+Option+Shift+>
Decrease 1 pt: Command+Option+Shift+<

That actually ***** too even if it did work since you cannot do decimals; such as 12.6 in size.

I also see that there is no "Character Attributes" (shift + command + D).
That has normally been "Charactor" in the menu. At least if you open Character Attributes you can change to whatever size.

You can see the comparison of QX 9 & QX 10 menus:


As you can see above there are a lot of menu changes. After working with QuarkXpress since 1992 WTF?
There are so many menu differences that I rather use QX 9. Very sad these changes were not outlined in QX what's New in QX 10!

I have read the "Guide to QuarkXPress 10" (manual?) and also the "What's New in QuarkXPress 10." There is nothing about this problem.


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Re: Where did the size "other" go in Quark 10?

Post by MikeWenzloff » 02 Nov 2014, 11:18

Must be a Mac thing.

I am using Windows and while I would never go up to the application menu to choose Other, it is there. All the shortcuts you list are also still appropriate on Windows. I do use ctrl+shift+d to pop up the character attributes (and ctrl+shift+\ also works, though I don't use it).

I don't have a Mac to check.


Matthias Guenther (Quark)
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Re: Where did the size "other" go in Quark 10?

Post by Matthias Guenther (Quark) » 03 Nov 2014, 03:30

Hi Bruce,

a few menus and dialogs are not present in the Mac version of QuarkXPress 10 anymore. However all shortcut keys are still there, if you press them, you'll automatically go into the measurement palette where you can enter them as before.

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Re: Where did the size "other" go in Quark 10?

Post by BruceHarris » 04 Nov 2014, 16:13

Hi MikeWenzloff,
Works just fine (on a Mac switching the ctrl key for the command key).

HI Matthias Guenther,
I did get going with the measurement palette thanks to Mike above. Great to hear the missing items on the menus are still available (cannot work without them really, even though you do not use them all often. I always read the "Guides" and "What's New" for changes." Thank you for your time. I have a lot of years using Quark and there has never been anything close to what I need or like. Thanks for a great product.


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