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Pay Pal Buy Now button

Posted: 16 Jun 2013, 18:25
by HelpSeeker
I'm using Pay Pal for selling products on my new website, but when I copy the html script of the Pay Pal 'Buy Now' button into my Quark 9 web page (on a Mac), it copies across as the html script, and when I export the file, the script remains the same, i.e. it doesn't change to a 'Buy Now' box as its supposed to do. Do I need to do something else to export it correctly?

Pay Pal Buy Now button

Posted: 21 Jun 2013, 09:12
by shaharaperil
At this time, you can't paste HTML code or scripts directly into a Quark layout and have them export correctly as HTML. In order to get the PayPal HTML button to work, you would need to export your page and then edit the HTM document using an HTML editor. What I would do is take a screen capture of the PayPal Buy Now button and use that for positioning in Quark. Note the size of the box you place it in. Then using an HTML editor, like Komodo Edit (which is a free download), you can open your exported HTM page, search for the size of the box, and then replace the screen capture image with the HTML code provided by PayPal.

For example, the PayPal Buy Now button fits into a box that is 26 x 109 pixels. If you leave a spot for it in your layout, export the page and then open the page is Komode edit, that same box will be represented like this in HMTL:

td valign="top" width="109" height="26"
div class="box1"
img src="image/Picture9.gif" alt="btn_buynow_LG.gif" width="109"
height="26" border="0" /div

Do a find for "109" to locate the code above in the HTM document.
Then you have to highlight everything from "img src=" to "border=0", delete it, and replace it with the PayPal button code shown here:

PayPal Button Code

Make sure you don't delete the opening and closing DIV tag. Your code needs to be placed between those two tags.
Save the file and then upload it to your web server and the button should work.

Pay Pal Buy Now button

Posted: 22 Jun 2013, 01:01
by HelpSeeker
Thank you so much - you're a great help! I'll try that now.

Pay Pal Buy Now button

Posted: 27 Jun 2013, 16:56
by HelpSeeker
Just to let you know it worked perfectly. Thanks again!