Web Layout Issue - Do NOT upgrade yet !

Discuss the HTML4 features and Web layout provided in QuarkXPress 8 and 9 (and before).

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mike in bc
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Web Layout Issue - Do NOT upgrade yet !

Post by mike in bc » 06 Dec 2012, 08:35

Hello.I'm just putting this out here as a courtesy.Quark support has notified me that the web page layout issue I found (exporting the entire workspace) has been confirmed.They are working on a fix.Until then stay with Quark 9.3 -- DO NOT UPGRADE YET if you use Quark to build webpages.

Ian Ridpath
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Web Layout Issue - Do NOT upgrade yet !

Post by Ian Ridpath » 24 Dec 2012, 04:05

Roger that. After upgrading to 9.5 none of my web pages come out looking right when previewed. Also, the clever little trick for centring pages doesn't work under 9.5. I would guess it's something to do with the html converter. I wish Quark would give us a better Web module.


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