9.5 html pages not displaying properly

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9.5 html pages not displaying properly

Post by jfirst » 13 Dec 2012, 12:36

Previously, I used the following work-around to centre web pages in a web browser. It worked perfectly until I upgraded to 9.5!-------------For Pages with NonOverlapping items:Most boxes are exported as cells in an HTML Table. Centering the boxes is accomplished in this workaround by making the first and last table columns variable width: 1. When in a web layout, go to Page > Page Properties. 2. Select the checkbox for 'Variable Width Page'. 3. In the layout (or on the master page of the layout if this is to be duplicated on multiple pages) draw two long narrow text boxes, one on the far left and far right margins of the layout. The text boxes can be as little as one pixel in width. Do not enter any text, apply a color, or apply a frame to either box. 4. Right click or Control Click to bring up the context menu for each object and go to Modify. Under theText tab check Make Variable Width for both boxes. Place all other objects on the page between these two boxes.------------Any answers OR HOW DO I BACK-GRADE to 9.3.??

Ian Ridpath
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9.5 html pages not displaying properly

Post by Ian Ridpath » 24 Dec 2012, 00:02

Same problem here, jfirst. I upgraded to 9.5 last night and none of my web pages now comes out right in html preview, even the ones without the centring trick. I haven't yet asked Quark but I am guessing it is because of a change to the HTML converter.The answer is to uninstall by dragging the Quark folder to your Trash and reinstall 9.3.I am amazed there are not howls of dismay over the Forums on this. I guess it means that hardly anyone uses Quark for web pages, and maybe it's about time I changed, too.


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