How do I resolve this website?

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How do I resolve this website?

Post by richi.v » 09 Nov 2012, 03:30

Hi all:I have the following problem and I can not decide which option to take, I am creating a web site with several subsites primary, secondary sites are created in Quark Xpress files separate like the main website. Now, that is the most convient and less cumbersome to html programming level, creating secondary sites in separate files (as I'm working on now) or cut and paste any secondary sites quark xpress file in the main site. Thank you very much, I hope your prompt response.RicardoCity of Buenos AiresArgentina

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How do I resolve this website?

Post by shaharaperil » 16 Nov 2012, 08:29

I think it really depends on how the sites are supposed to work together, if at all. Are your sites and subsites being hosted on different domains? Are you treating them as if they all all different websites, or are they all smaller sites that are somehow supposed to work together?
If they are separate, then I don't see any problem in keeping them all in separate Quark files. They will be easier to edit that way and if you need to link pages between the sites, you will have to use absolute links anyway.
However, if they are on the same domain and you need to link pages back and forth between the main site and the subsites, I would then put them into a single Quark file just to make the linking between pages easier.


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