Relative Path to Picture Directory

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Sven Erik Skarsbo
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Relative Path to Picture Directory

Post by Sven Erik Skarsbo » 28 Sep 2012, 00:46

When creating web sites with Quark an exporting to HTML, Quarkxpress v. 7 and older versions used relative path for the picture folder. My Quark v. 9 (and 8) uses absolute path for the picture folder. How can I tell Quark 9 that it shall use relative path for the picture folder?

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Relative Path to Picture Directory

Post by shaharaperil » 03 Oct 2012, 10:04

My HTML pages seem to all use relative paths. I think it might be because I don't have the site name listed in the Web Layout Preferences.
QuarkXPress Menu > Preferences > Web Layout > General
In the above location, the field Site Root Directory is blank on my sites and the Image Export Directory simply says "images."
You can also check this by clicking on an image in your layout and selecting Item > Modify and selecting the Export tab
The Expprt To field shows the info that Quark will use to determine the image path. If you have an absolute path there, then it will be included in your final HTML document.
There is a shortcut you can use to check this by using the Measurements window. After you click on a picture box, hover your mouse over the Measurements window. You will see 7 little boxes show up above the Measurements window. If you click on the 6th icon (it looks like a little envelope with a green arrow pointing to the right), it changes the Measurements window to show the HTML export options for that image. If you have a lot of images to change, it's easier to change the Export To field from there.


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