import JS for LinkedIn in 9.3.1

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import JS for LinkedIn in 9.3.1

Post by Anita5 » 04 Sep 2012, 11:26

I've been searching because I can't believe I'm the only one to ask this: I'm working on website and want to import a javascript (share link to LinkedIn with a tiny active LI icon) but can't see how to import code.I looked for extensions too...

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import JS for LinkedIn in 9.3.1

Post by eyoungren » 04 Sep 2012, 12:07

I think that's something you have to hardcode, i.e, insert in to the HTML file itself. Most of that type of thing seems to go in the HEAD tag and I don't believe XPress lets you edit that from inside the program. Could be wrong though.

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import JS for LinkedIn in 9.3.1

Post by shaharaperil » 03 Oct 2012, 09:38

That is correct. You can create a box to save a space for it in your Quark layout, but you have to edit the Quark HTML page after you export it if you want to add in java code.


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