Help please -quark to HTML-I'm getting crazy!

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Help please -quark to HTML-I'm getting crazy!

Post by 900rr » 21 Aug 2012, 08:07

Hi everyone !

Ok let me tell you about horror at my work place.
My job is to oversee email operations in my company. Testing, deploying and analytic. Upper management decided not to hire web designer and just added designing HTML emails duty to my daily responsibilities.
I have experience in HTML but it was mostly limited to tweaking in test phase. So i learned. I was making clean simple HTML emails that looked almost identical in any email client. It was tough to cope with everything but manageable. Until couple weeks ago...
New CMO got hired and she is coming from desktop publishing world, she is not familiar with html at all . Long story short, she is constantly sending me a 'In design' and Quark files and demanding conversion into HTML Email. Converting is not a problem .But rendering is a NIGHTMARE! They demanding 100% match when email land to inbox.
I don't know is this even possible. Due to unpredictable nature of email clients I cant use css div tags etc... What can I do ?
If is not done i will probably lose my job.
Can someone shed some light on my problem please.
I am losing my mind....
Thanks in advance

Exporting to HTML is not a problem at all , problem is that final result can not be used due to horrible rendering on email clients. also Quark creates CSS style sheets that getting striped by many ESP's . looks horrible when lands into inbox. Also here is my HTML... Maybe something there needs to be fixed ?

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Help please -quark to HTML-I'm getting crazy!

Post by QuarkGeek » 21 Aug 2012, 19:42

No WYSIWYS HTML Generation sowtware will give you clean HTML that will render perfectly in all e-mail clients.Hand coding HTML (using tables most of the times) is the way to go for this.

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Help please -quark to HTML-I'm getting crazy!

Post by 900rr » 22 Aug 2012, 05:09

Thank you
I am trying to do exactly the same but Big bold letters just wont format right .Looks fine in browser but once when email lands into inbox fonts change and everything gets misaligned

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Help please -quark to HTML-I'm getting crazy!

Post by shaharaperil » 27 Aug 2012, 17:35

I think your CMO is being totally unrealistic if she's expecting the HTML code version of a print layout to look exactly the same in every browser on every computer. This is exactly why having experience as a print designer doesn't mean someone is qualified to lead a web department.

First of all, HTML is only going to load fonts that are available on a person's computer. If they use one in their InDesign layout that someone doesn't have access to on their local machine, it's going to be swapped out for another font and change the look. And that's only one of many possible issues.

The only way you're going to get a 100% match to a print layout and to make sure no text reflows is to save the print layout as an image and load that image in the HTML. But even then, many e-mail clients are not going to load the image automatically. Some users will have to click a button to allow the images to load, so it's still not going to be the same experience. And if the image is large, then it's going to load slowly on some older computers.

It sounds to me like the main issue here isn't browser compatibility, but it's the lack of education your CMO has regarding the web design world. If I were you, I would find an online article that explains all the issues involved regarding browser compatibility and do your best to educate this person. If she is even remotely a reasonable person, she would have to understand that web versions of print layouts require some flexibility. If she isn't reasonable and you feel your job may be on the line, then you may have to go over her head and educate her boss and let them know that it would be totally stupid of them to fire you over this because anybody they hire after you is going to come up against the exact same problem.

If you look at the live text on Apple's web page, it looks completely different on Safari on a Mac than it does using Explorer on Windows. If Apple couldn't find a way to keep that from happening, then your CMO isn't going to do any better regardless of how deeply entrenched she is in her fantasy world, or how much she huffs and puffs and tries to blow everyone's house down.


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