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HTML5 audio and video object insertion

Posted: 18 Oct 2014, 15:28
by PoaStell
I have used quark since Q5 but am new to using it for web pages. I need to include a series of audio files and web files in Q9.5 web pages with controls. I can add them as code to the exported html but this is clumsy. What is the the sequence for adding audio or video objects to web layouts? I have failed to discover it. The HTML5 palette identifies the file but I can't see how to get it to put the objectcode into the quark web layout. Can anyone help with the sequence and anything I might need to know about its output?

Re: HTML5 audio and video object insertion

Posted: 22 Oct 2014, 14:41
by shaharaperil
You can't import the video directly into a Quark HMTL layout. The best thing I have found to do is to leave a box in the space where you want the video and use an HTML editor to add the video into the exported HTML file. I will sometimes put "video1" into the box in Quark, so that it's easier to find the location where I need to add the code in the HTML editor.